Monday, December 3, 2007

The Preacher

Here I am outside of a little church in rural Kamphinsa. I preached here on Sunday and was delighted to join this small congregation (about 25 adults and an equal number of children) for worship. My Swedish neighbor (the self-proclaimed heathen Mike) and Jenny (the pentecostal Brit) joined as well, which was lots of fun. The thatched roof kept the space nice and cool while the hot sun poured through the make-shift windows. While I was preaching this little brown dog came in and laid down in the entry way to the church. He was surprisingly intent on the sermon. Funny. First time a dog has ever listened to me preach.
These women pictured here were so excited to see a camera. They danced for me and insisted on having lots of pictures taken. Aren't they beautiful?

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David Hallgren said...

I love the cassock. Nate would be proud! I hope your Advent is wonderful and that you see God's light in your part of the world. Your updates help me to see God at work in you and in the people of Zambia.