Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Basically these suckers are like small alligators. Their skin is leathery and snake-like. Some workers found this in a stream near my house and killed it this afternoon. My friend Muyunda is a Lozi and was eager to take this home and eat it as “relish.” This launched my coworkers and I into a hilarious conversation about what the various tribes are notorious for eating. The Bemba’s are teased for eating monkey and mfuko (mice). Muyanda sighed and said to me, “Aaaah Carmen, the foods we eat in Africa.”

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Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

Hey Carmie,

Wait until you come out to Thailand. You talk about eating weird things. Asians know weird cuisine. Bugs and reptiles, most anything disgusting. Anyway, looking forward to your visit. Love you sister!