Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a few days on the farm

I love vacation. Spending time with the fam can be stressful for some people, but I love it. When I stay with my sister I sleep with the windows open and you can hear the cows in the pasture out back and the rooster crow at dawn. I unabashedly listen to country music and wear overalls and boots to work out in the garden.

I have bruises all over my legs from my nephews who love to climb Aunt Carmen and nap in my bed and ram their bicycles into my shins. We have been to the library, swim lessons, to the park, to the batting cages, and I have read endless books on Thomas the Tank Engine. This morning I helped round up chickens to clip their wings (this doesn't hurt, all you city folk).

Life is good in Canby, Oregon.

We are going camping this weekend and I am crossing my fingers that the weather will be lovely so I can try out my new frog-green bathing suit. I'm dying for some sun. My sis and I will probably lounge around with novels because she is PREGNANT and the wee girl growing inside her is demanding more and more of her energy.

I'll keep you posted on the adventures...


Alissa Maxwell said...

Isn't it just plain FUN to spend time with the little ones? Well, fun and totally exhausting. Hooray for Tam and another babe for their family. These pictures make me wish we lived near Canby, so Owen could be friends with your nephews...they could be dirt and Croc buddies.

Rochelle said...

When did your nephews become little boys?! I still picture babies in my head :-) So sweet...love the pic of the crocs in mud...my kids where those all summer. Miss you my friend! Say hello to Tam!