Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My sister is having a baby...

... any day now. I am thrilled. Pleased as punch. I love my two darling nephews and now we are adding a girl to the bunch.

But, procreation is something I struggle to wrap my mind around.

Clearly I get it, biologically. But this whole procreation thing is a miracle. An everyday miracle that people I know and love have achieved. One good friend meets another good friend. They fall in love and voila, 9 months later, a tiny, unique individual comes into the world. Two people become three.

The math does not add up: 1 + 1 = 3 (or sometimes 4).


Lots of things make me want to burst into tears. If society would allow it, I'd probably be a blubbering mess most days because the world can be so stinking beautiful. I walked past a dry cleaners that had this sign hanging in the window:

Redemption is all around my friends. All around us.


Angie Lai said...

So happy for your growing family car. Miss you tons and love hearing your voice, even if it is only this way. Hope to connect with you soon!

J.C. Austin said...

That sign is awesome. You should tell us where the place is so that people can use them (and hopefully pay them for it).

Tonyalynne said...

i still remember that sign.

it's still up. ;)

love you, dear vicar...

Rochelle said...

can't wait to hear the baby excited for you and your fam! I am in Utah on vacation for a couple weeks...been out of touch, but will try to call soon!