Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My heroes!

See these little boys? These darling little boys? I went without water for 12 days--- LAME--- and just when I was feeling extra sorry for myself these three little guys stopped by to see if I needed them to go fetch water. I handed them each two big jugs and they trotted off like little terriers. I didn’t have to lift a finger and soon I was boiling water, washing dishes, and even had enough water to mop the floor. This was pure mercy little boys! I promised to make them cookies.

Frankie is getting fat. When she first arrived she was fairly traumatized—the stoning incident freaked her out—but now she is frisky and ravenous all the time. My neighbor Jenny said yesterday, “You’ve got to stop feeding her! You’re turning her into an American! And if you aren’t careful, she’s going to pop!” Ha Ha British Jenny. Yes, many Americans are fat. Thanks for that. Whenever I’m annoyed with my English friends I snidely refer to them as “the Colonizers.”

Had my mid-year evaluation today at work. How crazy is that? I’ve been here 6 months now! Time flies people.

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