Monday, February 18, 2008

Game Day in Kamatipa!

Got back from my staff retreat on Friday, although the word “retreat” is rather misleading. We had four packed days of 2008 strategic planning, so I was grateful for a WEEKEND upon my return. I went to Kamatipa for the second weekend in a row, this time to hang out with a few hundred orphans for a massive game day. There was dancing, drumming, poetry reading, and all sorts of field sports being played all morning. Reminded me of field day in elementary school (fun bordering on utter chaos).

My friend Scott (tall Mazungu pictured here with lively, Zambian Rachel) works with an NGO that planned the events of the day, targeting the orphans in two of the four compounds near my house. They estimate that 3000 orphans live in these four compounds (which does not even count Chimwemwe, the largest compound in Kitwe). Pretty staggering numbers.


Don said...

It look like the Play Days that we had when I was teaching. Great stuff, Carmen/

Kathleen said...

Greetings, Carmen! I just heard about your blog from Ang and have read through all your posts in complete awe. May you continue to find your strength, rest & hope in the Lord as your travel this amazing journey.

With great love, tremendous respect and an enormous hug from Colorado,