Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gotta love charcoal

Scotty, Jenny, and I made breakfast on the front porch yesterday in the pouring rain. The power went out (AGAIN) and we resorted to using charcoal to make eggs, coffee and toast with marmalade. Oddly like camping.

My friend Esther, from work, always laughs and tells me, "Carmen, now you know what it is like to live in a typical village!" Women walk to and fro with buckets of water on their head (a skill I will never acquire!) and I often read by candlelight at night (which sounds far more romantic than the reality).

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DonAllen said...

Camping it sure is different than going to Ft. Stevens on the coast, huh? It is camping, however, and you will have had enough of that by next
September I bet? Hang in there and persevere! Your kitty is very special and your calico (Mousey) on 102 street is probably jealous, I'm sure.
Love ya.
Dad (DonAllen)