Sunday, February 10, 2008

I got a kitty!

There is a new addition to the MEF family. Meet Frankie (named for his beautiful blue eyes). I found this little ball of fuzz on the side of a road where some little boys were going to stone him to death (lots of superstition about cats here). I plucked up this little Siamese baby and promptly brought him home. My neighbor Jenny and I are going to share him.

He is quite popular with the kiddos in the neighborhood. Since I brought him home I regularly have little people at the door requesting to play with little Frankie. I had an awful week last week, so it was pretty darn nice to come home to this tiny creature who regularly insists on curling up and taking a nap on my shoulder.


Jamie Gandolph said...

so cute!! ...and I don't even like cats :) you should tell Giedion (spelling???) ...if he doesn't remember the name just mention white girl and soccer ball ;)

Jamie Gandolph said...

I ment to say tell Giedion HELLO for me :)

DonAllen said...

It is dad. I do enjoy following your blog along with our conversations. You are read by many. I keep sharing your blog address with my friends. Carmen your pictures are special. Thanks.
I will will call tomorrow.
Dad (DonAllen)

Jessica said...

Hi Carmen! I love that you have a kitty! My husband has been away for several weeks now and I've received a lot of sanity from our dog, Niles. It is so nice to come home to a little furball of unconditional love. :) Fred's sermon was great today, wrapping around your experience standing in line for water. Just wanted to let you know that everyone was thinking of you and praying for you especially this morning at MAPC. I'm sending you as much love via as possible ... Blessings! Jessica Patchett Anderson