Thursday, April 17, 2008

Preacher Girl!

Last night I had 3 friends for dinner: Teddy Sakupapa (SUCH A GREAT SURNAME!!!!), his fiance Cathy and Trust. I made Italian food. My neighbor is growing fresh basil, so I was able to create something semi-authentic. They liked the meat sauce, but weren't a fan of the noodles. This is a mystery to me. Many of my Zam friends eat loads of carbs-- rice, nshima, potatoes--- all in the same meal, but noodles? No way.

I love that any and every event can become an excuse to listen to Rhumba and dance.

North Americans, we should pick up on this. We should dance far more often than we normally do. Notice the chetenge around our wastes? This is also nice. I think it is somehow supposed to make dancing less seductive (for propriety or some such notion), but I think it's just plain festive.

At the last moment I was asked to offer a short devotional to a women's gathering yesterday morning. Now, I was told that this was an informal event, but was encouraged to wear my clerical collar. mmmm, does this look informal to you?!?! This was a 6 hour Bible study. 800 women showed up! Amazing. Most of the service was in Bemba, but there was plenty of dancing and singing, so I was happy as a lark.


david santos said...

Hello, Carmen!
Excellent posting and nice dance.
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day

Staci said...

bah! look at you in that collar!

David Hallgren said...

You are so liturgical with your collar. I bet you would wear a robe to do Youth Group talks at PCUM now...:-)
Hey, say a prayer. I am preaching at UPC this Sunday. Nervous?

Anonymous said...
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Alissa Maxwell said...

Oh come on - what's not "casual" about that gathering?! At least you know you can roll with the punches and be flexible in any situation. I think I would have passed out. I'm with Staci - sweet collar.

Linda/Steenie said...

I had a chance to visit with your dad and hear about what's happening with you. He graciously and proudly gave me the information so I could read your blogs. Great photos - they really help to see you where you are and to pray for you. I am very proud of you too.