Monday, February 23, 2009


Anyone else have the February blues? I am so tired of Winter. I bundled up and hurried out of work today to try to get a few minutes of fresh air, but of course the wind was blowing and three layers of clothing didn't cut it. I made it three blocks and then had to turn around and come home.

I am dying for Spring. Trying to be as chipper as possible, but just not feeling it at the moment.

Here is a lesson I want to learn in the coming weeks: I need to loosen my grip on life a bit. As my yoga instructor suggests, I really need to lead with my heart and less with my head. This seems like a very good idea. But it is tough to teach an old dog new tricks. Especially when the arctic freeze is chilling my bones! :-)

Here's wishing you a day full of adventure and glimpses of Spring!


The Mendes Family said...

I feel the same way about wanting Spring to come! The cold air today was enough to chill me into next winter! Here's hoping Spring comes sooner rather than later!

Peg said...

Well - spring is starting to show here in your beloved Seattle, but I swear there were flower-elves on the UW campus over the weekend. I ride by one traffic circle thing near Mary Gates Hall and last week there were NOT blooming daffodils in it! Today --- boom, there they were. So - spring is coming, even if someone PUT it there!

Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

Hey Carmie,
It is getting in the high 80's here with lots of humidity if you are interested in coming back to Chiang Mai. I wish our winter would last longer.

Take care
love Brett

Anonymous said...

Oh Carms,
How we are on the same wave length! There are bathing suits in the stores and freezing weather on the streets. I too cannot wait for the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin and an outdoor run that doesnt leave me frozen.

I also havent figured out how somewhere along the way I let my head take the lead and left my heart behind. It seems to hard to lead with your heart...too dangerous...but perhaps worth the try? Missing you on this cold rainy Chicago day!

Sarah LF said...

So great to talk to you, dear Carmie! Wish I was there to run around the park and city with you. Maybe I can find a way to get up there before you leave. Love you!