Friday, February 27, 2009


There are some hilarious things about this city. Times Square tends to be a place for tourists and usually I don't spend much time where Broadway meets advertising and electricity in a sea of wonderful people from all over the world. But today I was with two friends visiting from Seattle and I was reminded again why people come to visit this particular part of the city. It is full of bizarre and wonderful sights and sounds. Waiting in line for tickets gives you a chance to study the visitors, camera-clad and full of wonder (and fatigue?), and I was delighted with what I saw. Hands in mittens holding hands in mittens as young lovers leaned in close. Aspiring actors passing out flyers and dancers stretching unknowingly on street corners while waiting for the light to change.

Times Square gets its name from the "New York Times" building that was erected just after the turn of the 20th century. I believe this is also the origin of the famous New Year's Eve celebration-- the newspaper threw a huge New Year's party and the tradition has continued every year for over a century now! Pretty impressive.

We ate lunch in Grand Central Station, which is a marvelous place, but also full of sadness. We sat next to a homeless man who slowly sipped an orange soda and struggled to pull up the sleeve his coat while some nasty tourists nearby chuckled uncomfortably.

He seemed especially lonely at that moment as dozens of people looked on as he struggled with his coat. If I was a better person would I have stood to help him? Or would I have shamed him? Insert a long sigh here.


Doanz said...

Echoing that sigh- "can I help you?" can be misconstrued so easily, but what about being Jesus' hands and feet? I don't know either sometimes. Thanks for the pictures, though- all things considered- New York really does sound like an amazing city.

Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

What I am wondering is how you were able to photoshop that naked cowboy's head onto my body? It looks seamless. How did you do it? I almost feel violated :)