Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My friend Ingrid is working in Southern Sudan establishing educational sites for returning refugees. Many of her students are ex-child soldiers and the stories she tells are sobering. She told me about one of her students, a 20 year old double orphan who is married with a baby, that is currently working on his times tables and reading at a second grade level. He asked Ingrid to tell all of his brothers and sisters from the Presbyterian church that he is grateful because "knowledge has become my mother and knowledge has become my father." War is brewing again, so if you are the type, please pray for the conflict in Sudan. God hears.

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Brett & Shelly said...

Hey Carmen,
It's great to see you and Ingrid together. That is a great picture too. We had a HIV/AIDS tent at our church in california prior to coming here. You go through the tent with a Ipod of one of three different lives of someone living with AIDS in Africa. My person was a 13yr old boy soldier in Uganda. Extremely sobering and depressing. I cried after leaving the tent. It's unbelievable what people do to other people. I shake my head and pray to God.
Please tell Ingrid if you keep in touch with her that we are thinking of her and wish her the best. You both are doing amazing things. We really miss you Carmen and can't wait to see you in Thailand. We love you too!!! Happy Thanksgiving.

Brett,Shelly and the girls