Tuesday, January 1, 2008

All that blue

I love the Indian Ocean. On Christmas morning, Peg and I traipsed out into the tidepools alongside dozens of women and children who were looking for octopus. Small creatures get caught in the shallow water, so you see children, buckets on heads, tromping through the warm aqua marine water, flipping over coral, to look for the slimy little creatures to sell in the market.
The warm breeze catches the colorful chetenge fabric of the head coverings and skirts of the women, so the landscape is painted with what look like brightly painted flags billowing in the air. Stunning. The afternoon was spent sipping ice cold cokes from the bottle and reading books (Angie sent a wonderful collection of short stories edited by Ira Glass). This was pure self-indulgence people.

The internet is being so slow, so I'll try to post more pictures another time. Happy New Year! Blessings upon you!

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Dave said...

You have some beautiful photos of such a beautiful land! I have enjoyed the posts that I have visited. Will be back. :-)