Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A gray day

The sky is ill-tempered at the moment. The dark gray clouds are belching out claps of thunder and the rains are surely on their way. Floods have plagued Zambia and I’ve no doubt this storm will wreak havoc on the mud huts in neighboring communities. Here I sit at my kitchen table, grateful for electricity and for the tiny squares of delicious goodness (a.k.a. Starburst candy) courtesy of my cousin Tonya who sent a lovely parcel.

Wish I could take a hot bath, but alas, I think hot water may be out for a while. We have had some serious power outages (for 2-3 days at a time), which often means our water gets cut off. I keep enormous garbage cans full of water to use for washing and drinking—just in case.

I preach this Sunday in one of the biggest churches in “Chimwemwe” which is one of the largest compounds in Southern Africa. It is only second, in size, to Soweto in Johannesburg. Should be quite the event.


Joani said...

Carmen, Carmen! My goodness girl! Just got ur address from Don Allen and decided to ck it out. What happened to that little girl who refused to take a nap? I am so very awed by what you have endeavored to do, where you have traveled in life's hiway. Your words paint a technicolor vision of you and your world. What a gift God has given you and you have constantly risen to His challenges. The people are so very beautiful. I am sure I could never survive dealing with such poverty. I think of what I have spent on shoes and I want to wail.
I look forward to continuing to follow your days. You are the best! Love and hugs, Joani

jrad said...

whatcha preachin on?! bring it J-train style!

Emily said...

your life! I wish I could be there to hear you preach! ...I'll brainstorm some ideas ;)

jennifer anne said...

Hi Carmen,
I love your blog! Keep posting!!!
Jennifer Linnett