Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Spice Island

My friend Peg just got on a bus this morning to start her long journey home (to Seattle) after visiting me for the last couple of weeks! We spent 10 days on beautiful Zanzibar, which is an island just off the coast of Tanzania in the in the Indian Ocean. Gorgeous.

Nicknamed "Spice Island" this little tropical oasis boasts some of the best beaches in the world with ancient turtles (they stretch out their leathery necks for you to rub them), Callibus monkeys (that can be found no where else in the world), stellar snorkeling and scuba diving, and fresh sea food that is to die for. The island is about 95% Muslim, although the boys that led us on our "spice tour" promptly introduced themselves as "A Christian and a Muslim"-- unintentionally flaunting their easy friendship, seemingly unaware of the painful tension that seems to be rapidly increasing in our world due to fracas and careless and dangerously ideologically driven religious and political leaders. This is a blog. Am I supposed to write things like this?

Back to a lighter topic, we were told that cinnamon is an aphrodisiac for women and clove is an aphrodisiac for men. Thought this might be pertinent information for some of you. Five times a day the call to prayer wafted in on the breeze alongside the smell of sweet pineapple (tis the season), cardamom, and blossoms bursting with fragrance.

Peg brought all sorts of fun gifts from the U.S. (cheerios, Rolling Stones, the New Yorker, chocolate, movies, home-made goodies, and books)-- thanks for your generosity friends--- I felt pretty darn spoiled.


Brett & Shelly said...

Hi Carmen,
I absolutely love your pictures and storytelling!!!!!
Shelly and I went to Zanzibar Island too and loved it! I loved strolling through stone town with all the maze like streets. I also remembering that it was incredibly humid there. We can't wait to see you in Oct.

Take care and lots of love

Peg said...

Hi Everyone - Peg here....I am back to the gray of Seattle. Zambia was gray, but much warmer the days I was there with our friend Carmen! I can report that she is in good health and in good hands! There are other wonderful ex-pats in Kitwe, plus Carmen has lovely co-workers who adore her - no surprise! It was a joy to visit - both in Tanzania and Zambia. I won't forget those beaches for a long time. Peg