Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little ad campaign in England...

A wee bit of controversy, eh? What do you think?

This would never fly in the U.S. despite the fact we value free speech. Hey Brits, you gave us John Stuart Mill, one of the early political philosophers that flushed out this notion... full freedom to publicly discuss any topic as long as it does not bring harm to another (or something like this?! I have 'On Liberty' somewhere).

This would never fly in Zambia either.

According to this advertisement, at the heart of faith is fear... Stop worrying it says. Yes, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is true for many people. Fear drives some spiritual quests and recruits some followers. But that makes me sad.

What do you think? :-)


Alissa Maxwell said...

Would this not fly in Zambia because people just wouldn't relate to the concept of faith through fear? Or is it the same lack of free speech issue? Or something else?

For the record - it's okay to cry at Yoga. I've done it. Child's Pose is much needed in times like that.

Carmen Goetschius said...

You are the best.... I think I may have to cry in yoga again.

It would not fly in Zambia because people everywhere remind one another, "The only we hope we have is in Jesus." It is constitutionally a Christian nation, so I imagine that people would be utterly bewildered by this ad.... God doesn't create fear for me. God creates hope!

That kind of thing....