Friday, January 2, 2009


This is my new interest. Yoga. I like that it is called a "practice." The teacher said at the end of class tonight, palms pressed together in front of his chest, "Thank you for allowing me into your practice." My practice?! I look around the room feeling pretty good about myself. This man, this intensely fit, serene man thanked ME for practicing with HIM. I like this.

We got into this head stand position tonight that reminded me two things: one, I have no core strength; two, I think it is universally true that we should all turn ourselves upside-down once in awhile to get a refreshing perspective on life.


scott said...

Yes, I love yoga, and have been missing it over these last few weeks. I always chuckle at the term "practice," as my once/week trip to the community center can hardly count as diligent practicing... but even that single hour seems to make a difference (in my mood, not sure about the core strength!).
(logged on as Scott - can you picture him doing yoga?? not so much)

Tonyalynne said...

love it...!

and i also love that your new mat is BLUE...not a bit surprised, dearie ;)