Wednesday, March 4, 2009

24 years and counting....

I walked into the elevator this evening and joined an older gentleman that was holding an exquisite bouquet of red roses. I complimented his fine bundle and he explained he was bringing them to an AA meeting.

"I have been sober for 24 years and tonight is the year anniversary of sobriety for a friend" he said.
"24 years? That is amazing!" I smiled.
"24 years, 63 days," he said, "And the first year was the hardest."

I congratulated him as he departed and thought, "Gosh, this world is full of good people." I love that he chose such beautiful flowers for such an occasion. Don't get me wrong, tulips are beautiful and daisies a very honorable choice, but red velvet roses? He went all out and those mean something. Congratulations to both of you.... you strangers that have chosen life and sobriety! I tip my hat to your choice and I tip my hat to your love!