Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Starbucks should hire me....

I was riding the bus home with my friend Millie today and I realized as shop after shop along Madison Avenue advertised "store closing" that perhaps my back-up employment plan may not be as solid as I once thought. My Fellowship ends at Madison Ave Presbyterian Church at the end of May and it is slim pickins folks! I found a job at the World Council of Churches in Geneva that looked awesome but before I had a chance to apply: HIRING FREEZE.

Yipes. This is the word on the street. Lay-offs and hiring freezes. At church yesterday my friend Kerry said a bunch of her colleagues at her law firm were laid off. Hmmm. Now I know who my competition will be. Who will be hired for the barista job? The former minister or the former lawyer?

The way I see it, attorneys have some things going for them: they are used to long, weird hours and offer total devotion to their employer. What I've got going for me: people skills. People skills and........ does it help that I have visited a coffee farm in Thailand that sells some of its coffee to Starbucks? Dang. Here is the major problem: NO barista skills. Nothing. Nada. Can hardly make a pot of coffee.

Since the attorneys clearly have some advantage over me here, perhaps I should keep seeking out creative ministry opportunities. Let me know if you have heard of anything!

Cheerfully Seeking Employment,
Your Carmen


Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

Hey Chewy delish Carmel,

Try to get an overseas gig. Maybe you can be a PC(USA) Mission worker in a fascinating country and then we could visit you. Yeah, I come up with some good ideas sometimes! You rock Brett!!! I'm sure they would hire you at Starbucks here or better yet Wawee Coffee. It's something to think about. LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Asia definitely sounds like a good idea. Wherever God places you to spread his word.

Rochelle said...

I think you could totally take the attorneys in a barista contest. And, I have no doubt you'll find something exotic to do with your time ..... ;-)

Kareena said...

Hello, I don't know what kind of ministry job you are looking for but I saw some opportunities on for different local jobs. Good luck.