Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today has been a major church day. Preached at two morning services.... Made some jokes, people laughed. This always feels good. It feels lame to try to connect with people when they give you blank stares in return, so today was a good one. Check out this week and click on the audio version of my sermon entitled "Peace? Unity? Bah! Humbug!" if you want to listen. Yes, a reference to good ol' Dickens. Which, by the way is very hard to read as my friend Rochelle reminded me this week. I like the made-for-TV BBC versions of Dickens instead.

But I digress. I fully felt like a CHURCH MARM tonight. Yep, the evening service is small and I am the only pastor in the place, so I have to get everything ready... communion, offering plates, candle lighting, etc... I laughed out loud at the thought: future spinster, lighting candles in old cathedrals for the rest of her life. But the thought was fleeting.

Yesterday was fabuloso, fabuloso. Yes, that is two fabuloso's. First, went to dim sum for a birthday party and then on a crazy scavenger hunt all over Chinatown and Little Italy that involved actors playing characters we had to approach throughout the city (it was fictitious mafia scenario we had to solve that literally ended in an undercover cop arresting "Bunny" (one of the actors) in a bar in the Village! How fun is that?!? I then went out for margaritas and mexican food with a girlfriend because it was that kind of night.

Yesterday was beautiful. Blue-sky and flowers and trees blooming everywhere. People are sneezing and sniffling all over the city, but no one cares! Enough hibernation for one season! Bring on the good weather!

The guy on the left was a crazy Russian Italian (an actor that came slinking out of a restaurant) and insisted I was working for the FBI. He gave all of us tips on "how to be smooth" since government spies were everywhere and then tried to get us to order Russian brides from his personal website (a side business I guess). Hilarious!


Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

Hey Carmie,
Sounds like a great time! I take it you are liking NY more and more now?

I miss you!!!
Love Brett

Peg said...

How fun is that? Really - only in NYC could you do something with actors and such -- AND...somehow I can picture you running away with the guy playing the Russian more than I can see you as a "spinster church marm." AND....we need to banish that first word from the dictionary!

Tina Schermer Sellers said...

Awesome sermon Carmen! Generosity ... a much more delicious place to be! xo

Carmen Goetschius said...

Thanks Tina! Thanks Peg! I can always count on two of the finest women in Seattle (yes, you) for love and support. Kind of you to listen to the sermon!! A) I like the idea of running away with the cute guy B) Which word are we supposed to banish? "Marm"?

Love you all!

O, and Brett Faucett, you know I love and think you are great too!! :-)

Jennifer said...

AH HA, I didn't realize that I could listen to you preach. Another new way for me to procrastinate while at school. Yea.
Do you have a crazy Aunt Betty? or a cousin Vickie? Do you play horse shoes!!!!?? we don't eat casseroles in Minnesota we eat "hot dish". What a great sermon. Okay, I have to finish a paper now. Miss you and wish I had time to write more often.

Anonymous said...

Loved to hear you preach. Devoting oneself to the word of the Lord is a precious thing.