Monday, April 6, 2009


One long silver hair. Yep. I found one. I was drawing a bath tonight and while I was waiting for the tub to fill I saw something shiny out of the corner of my eye. I leaned into the mirror and to my deep disappointment, I spotted the tiny strand of stress and age. I found one a couple of weeks ago, but figured it was a fluke. But this is silver strand number 2. I ate a huge bowl of ice-cream tonight and crawled into bed early.

That is the theme of my life lately: too much ice-cream and a long strand of silver hair. Hmph.

Can I just say that I HATE being single at 30?!!? This may seem completely unrelated to the sentences above, but when you are having a bad day, these things are intrinsically connected. The novelty of being single has worn off. The whole dating-hoping-breaking up- rejection- starting over thing is getting OLD and I am sad. Please don't pity me dear readers for pity will only add to what feels like a very pathetic life. But maybe this will inspire me to get out. Cease adding to the ever-expanding waist-line and enjoy the city, meet some new people, and spend my time creatively. Yes. This seems good. My facebook page seems to think so anyway. Most of the adds on my wall are for "Mature Singles Looking for Love." OMG. When did I become a mature single? And why does this feel more like mockery than inspiration?

My blog postings are mega depressing lately. But I suppose there are plenty of chipper people in the world to balance them out. I preach Good Friday and I received some good advice today. A wise pastor suggested, "Perhaps prepare your sermon and preach it as you would if you felt healthier and wiser." I like this. And it seems very doable. Watch out congregation. I plan to preach the way I would if I was feeling healthy and wiser....

....and in the midst of all of this, I know God is present. Because that is simply God's way. On a bus, in the waiting room, in dark hours of loneliness, and in a jammed subway at rush hour. Not necessarily in the fire or in the earthquake or in the thundering voice of an emboldened minister. But in the whisper of the wind, the hands and smile of a stranger. The Spirit moves where it will.

In honor of our friends in Italy who are sad and struggling tonight, I bid you goodnight in proper Italian fashion, "Ciao!"


Alissa Maxwell said...

I think the beauty of bad eyesight is that I can't find those gray hairs... hmph indeed. Though I do love your ability to put these thoughts on the screen. Here's to healthier and wiser!

Peg said...

Amen to healthier and wiser. gray started at about 24, so buck up my young friend. There ARE cures for this as you know :).
Love the pix from the park and from your nearby grate.
I must say it was stunning in Seattle today - flip-flops, shorts, skirts - and some very very white legs were seen all over campus!

Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

At least you have hair!


Carmen Goetschius said...

True that Brett! I got hair and I got a body that works! Two fabulous things to be grateful for! The cheeriness will kick in soon, no doubt, for now a little feeling sorry for myself is due!

As Alissa and Peg highlight, three cheers for healthier and wiser!!!

Love, Carmen

Denise said...

Sorry about the gray hairs. Feel your pain as I managed to hold in the in retrospect ridiculous tears until after I left the hair salon when a stylist first pointed out mine 2 years ago. Also with you on medicating with ice cream since I have developed a close relationship with Edy's and Ben and Jerry's recently.

Anyway, thought you might enjoy reading this post I wrote a week ago on my own blog.


jennifer anne said...

single at thirty does suck. I can't pity you..I am single at 32 and I have love handles and I don't look like the twenty somethings that the single men my age are looking for...young and fertile. Bah. I wish I could hear you preach this weekend.