Sunday, April 5, 2009


That was the goal. Go in search of pretty things.

Easy cheesy people. 62 degrees in Central Park and finally, finally, finally the blossoms have come. The grass is lush green and the fingertips of all the trees are painted red and white and pink and green. Aaaah, spring.

Some more of my favorite things from today: it started with little darlings dancing up the isle waving their palm fronds on this Palm Sunday, then a Bach concert after church, and finally a stroll in the park to find rolled up jeans and bare feet, bodies basking in the sun on every spare bolder or patch of grass, lots of sweet kisses and hand holding (moms and dads with little ones and lovers galore), a boy squawking hilariously like a bird to the delight of his little sister, blue sky, birds bathing, velvet green moss, and ice cream cones.

And then as I arrived home: these fantastic hands painted on the grate outside my door. Who are these mad street artists?! I love them! Today was a good day. Hope yours was too.

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The Mendes Family said...

Looks like NYC is ahead of us in terms of flowers on trees. We still have bare trees but I'm sure that any day now they will show us their beautiful colors! Glad you had a great day!