Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Arise and shine!

I stole this picture from a friend, so don't credit me for noticing this sweet little word of encouragement. I am sitting here at my computer -- see pic below for the exact setting-- and despite the fact that the sky is gray and darkening by the minute, today has been much, much better. Some days are like that. Surprise. Out of the blue. A day that is just plain nice.

I poured myself a tall glass of wine because you can do that when you are 30, an official grown up, and there is no one around to watch just how full you fill the glass. I rarely do this, but sitting quietly with a glass of wine seemed the appropriate way to celebrate the end of a long day of meetings. Tuesdays are generally packed with meeting after meeting, which can be a bit of a drag, but since I didn't leave any of them in tears, it seems that there was marked improvement since last week! :-)

It's Holy Week, so that means church services galore involving candles, sad scriptures and redemptive scriptures. Life, death, and resurrection all celebrated in one week.

Arise: a mandate, a promise, a word scribbled on the Brooklyn Bridge, and a reminder that life goes on. Truly.

Arise and shine. Tis the theme of the week dear friends.


Peg said...

I will join you in the glass of wine. I made spaghetti sauce, so it "goes" and - BTW - you've been grown up enough to pour yourself a glass of wine - well, for several years now! It's a lovely habit!

The Mendes Family said...

Well said! I love your writing because it is so real and poetic at the same time. I'll toast my next glass to you and the flowers you already have for spring, I will remember to "arise and shine" for the rest of the week!

Doanz said...

"Arise and shine"- may it always be so! I hope you "Arise" every morning in the arms of our Gracious God, and "shine" all day long for our Jesus. God be with you today, Carmen!

Alissa Maxwell said...

I'm thinking of you today as I know you are prepping for Friday's sermon. Pouring a big glass of wine "just becuase" is definitely one of those "adult" moments, but having my dear friend preaching Good Friday? Whoa! We are GROWN UP.

Carmen Goetschius said...

Funny Alissa! I never thought about this, but so true! I was talking to a 30 year old guy last night who works on Wall Street-- some financial big wig. He says it still crosses his mind as he is speaking, "Why are you listening to me Crazies!?! I am just a kid!" Thanks for your love and support!