Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good day, sunshine!!!

Two of my favorite high school students Emma Jenkins and Elena Juliano came into the city yesterday for a gal's day out. Key phrase: DAY OUT!!! It is warm and sunny in beautiful New York, so we did a lot of walking along the Hudson River. Played at the Chelsea Pier, ate at a fab little cafe and topped it off with a bit of shopping. Three pretty girls, sunglasses, and a mission: we all brought our cameras and chose a theme for the day.

We took pictures all afternoon, creatively finding our theme in the city. Emma chose "culture," Elena chose "music," and I chose, "blue.

Here are a few of my "blue" discoveries:

I worked with the youth group at the Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair when I was at Princeton and these two lovely ladies were some of the girls I mentored. Yes, those were the days.... breaking my rib while mattress surfing at the winter retreat, cracking my skull on a pew in the pitch dark while playing Berlin Wall, weird food games that I never really want to do again in my life... and so much more. Mostly enjoying the privilege of knowing these young people in ways that really matter. I tried to describe my job to a friend I met in Zambia. Perhaps you remember him from past bog postings?! Dear Scott from Vancouver B.C. After stumbling through a complex definition of pastor, I finally ended up with this: "Basically my job is to love people. Yep. Love people. Attend to the work of God in the world and love people."

Now that is a good job description.


Peg said...

Are they still in HS, or now in college?

Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

What a cute post. Reliving the past,how fun is that. Yes you are a lover of people. Thank God


Carmen Goetschius said...

They are still in high school and fun, fun, fun!!

Jennifer said...

you are teeny tiny

Rochelle said...

You look fab. And look at your total artsy-ness coming out. Love that last pic!

Doanz said...

That is a fantastic job description. I think that should be the job description of every Christian, don't you think? This is my first year moving from children's ministry to youth group, and I just have to say- why, oh why, do youth pastors love making up games involving disgusting food combinations and speed eating? God be with me and give me a stronger stomach! :)

Angie Lai said...

Love you Carmie Carms. You love people well. I wish you were my pastor so I could go all around NYC taking fabulous photos with you. Thanks for the great story.