Thursday, April 23, 2009

A New Discovery

If a person were to get up early on a sunny Thursday morning to go on a run in Central Park, but were enough out of shape that they needed to do quite a bit of walking (a.k.a. ME), a new discovery may arise: lots of New Yorkers are crazy about their dogs (key word, crazy). I was surprised at the friendly dynamic this morning (had four hello's by the time I was finished- again- likely has more to do with the fact that it was sunny and I was moving at a leisurely pace), but I was even more surprised when people began talking on behalf of their dogs. Yes, you read correctly. "O, hello lady... you are just so interesting!"

That is supposed to be the dog talking. One woman began to tell me how her dog felt at the moment we crossed paths. "O he is so embarrassed right now. Just so embarrassed. Look how sorry he is for cutting in front of you."

Is it true? Can people actually speak on behalf of the emotional state of their dogs?

The other funny thing is that only about half the dog-owners obey the leash law. This is probably a good thing... poor dogs need to run around. But this creates a special costume that this particular tribe of New Yorkers all wear. Bright, sturdy leashes are thrown around everyone's shoulders and each carry a wad of plastic bags to use to pick up after their dogs.

I like it. This is a very friendly tribe. Perhaps a little weird at times, but a good lot. I will have to do some more experimenting and meet more of these people.


Peg said... I "speak" for Skye? I might - I'll have to pay more attention. Usually I'm telling her to be gentle around a child, or to stay closer (I too am breaking leash laws and I too wear a leash strung around my shoulders sometimes). It is very funny that a dog will make someone stop and chat and smile. I know I've done that. In our neighborhood we know Reba, BJ and Bella...but I barely remember their human's names :).
Try talking to the dogs, you'll have a new friend in the humans!

Doanz said...

I must confess I talk to my dogs WAY too much, but never FOR them. I look weird enough- nice, plump little lady walking her Mastiff, Lab mix, and Chihuahua around the town. Quite the sight to be hold! :)

Rochelle said...

Having never owned a dog myself, I second the 'crazy' dog owner comments...must just be a dog thing. But alas, people talking to dogs and the general cheeriness of it has got to be good for the world somehow.

Carmen Goetschius said...

LEGAL!!! Completely legal to have dogs off the leash from 9 p.m. til 9 a.m. in the park. Info courtesy of Laura Burg. Thanks Laura!!