Monday, April 13, 2009

A week in the life....

Went to Chinatown today to pick up some gifts for the Zimbabwe delegation that will be coming to our church in a couple weeks. I ate a heaping pile of Chinese noodles and veggies for under $5, so I was feeling pretty good about myself by the time I got on the subway to come back home. Walked up 73rd street beneath a bright blue sky and scrumptious white plum blossoms. The flowerbeds are full of hyacinth and Park Avenue is about to explode with tulips. New York City does many seasons ‘just right’ Papa Bear and spring is no exception. Went to Macy’s on Saturday and listened to an appropriately nerdy gentleman lecture on the spring flowers that adorn every nook and cranny of the place from eye level to the ceiling. I have ZERO pictures worthy of the scene, but I assure you, the rows and rows of live tulips and hydrangea were pretty dang impressive as I walked up the escalators.

I am much more into New York City now that the flowers are blooming, the weather is less bone-chilling, and now that I am working hard to ignore rude people.

A few amusing notes from the week: I walked home late last night after watching a fabuloso little movie called Adventureland. As I was unlocking the door outside my building I noted, “That is a Rolls Royce right there parked in front of your house.” Weird. A real live trillion-dollar car at my doorstep. Exaggerated, yes, but noteworthy just the same.

Interesting thing number 2: My friends Max and Millie hosted a Passover Seder on Wednesday. Two Jewish men and two Christian women, or ‘shiksa’ as we were lovingly referred to (Gentile women). The food was delish, the liturgy truly beautiful and meaningful, and we drank enough wine to cause some serious ruckus.

I walked past a bar last night where three swanky 20-somethings were sharing a cigarette outside. I happened to hear a portion of their conversation as I walked by: “Have you heard she is into all that ‘Save the Children’ sh*%?!” Man replies, “Well, I guess I won’t tell her about all the ivory I plan to bring back with me.” Woman replies, “No, don’t tell her. Just volunteer to bring an orphan back with you.”

I paused to soak it in for a moment. Ummm. Are you kidding me? Dumb-a*% kids.

In other news: I wore pink silk on Easter. Under the robe of course, but felt pretty darn cute for the post-service brunch. The last week has been really wonderful. Egg dyeing with the kiddos; Maundy Thursday foot-washing service where literally one woman wept as I washed her feet (humbling as all get out), preached with 5 others at a Good Friday service, attended a Tenebrae service (Latin for darkness) which ended hauntingly in silence as 33 bells tolled for Jesus’ life. And finally Easter day arrived. Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church goes all out for Easter: lilies and trumpets, unbelievable choral music. The place was packed and plenty of women wore fancy feathered and ribboned hats. Holy Holy Week!!!

On Friday I preached on Peter’s denial. It should be up on the web soon and I’ll post the link.


Rochelle said...

Amazing what some flowers and sunshine can do for the soul! And, I love that you wore something pink and springy on Easter. Is that your apartment building? So cool!

Carmen Goetschius said...

True Shell! I WISH that were my apartment building. It is located in a very cool neighborhood -- between Tribeca and Chinatown and it has a very artsy, young, fun vibe. I live FAR from this part of town in a different, much more plain looking high-rise.

Did you treat yourself to a new Easter dress!?!? Your kids looked DARLING in those pics! Love you! Let's talk soon! Car

Alissa Maxwell said...

This post makes me SOOO want to be visiting NYC in the spring. I am oozing jealousy over your week of wonderful celebration. Hoping this energy will carry you well through the next few weeks...

Peg said...

Nothing like daffs, tulips and cherry blossoms to cheer the soul. Sounds like an amazing week.
AND...I'm with you...dumb&*%-kids!

The cherry trees are out in full glory on the UW quad!

jennifer anne said...

Where's the picture of your pink silk?

Carmen Goetschius said...

Pink silk?! I would love to show you.... BUT, no pics. I did most of the picture taking last week, so you'll have to imagine bright, pink cuteness instead!

Every girl, that wants one, should get a fancy cute dress in my opinion. Should be a right for all women. Equal access to one beautiful dress. Yes, in other parts of the world, if a kimono or sari is best, then that is what they should get. There is a dress in the Caroline Herrera store up the street from me that I have been lusting after for weeks and weeks. Sigh. BTW, I have an extensive justification for why this is not pure self-indulgence and materialism. I promise. :-)